JB-14 Scaffolding - Form Work Materials – Tunnel Support System

JB Engineering Manufactures Scaffolding & Form work Materials at the factory in Distt Una Himachal Pradesh INDIA by making use of sophisticated machinery and procedures to ensure that all products meet the required specifications as determined by the Clients.

We pride ourselves in custom designed products for our clients.

JB Engineering never compromise on safety and quality and guarantees that:

  • All products are manufactured from The BIS Confirming steel.
  • Welders all have the rich Experience & relevant certification.
  • Refurbishing is done with the strictest control.
  • Our service levels are of the highest standards.
  • Quality

The Quality Manual used by JB Engineering contains policies and guidelines relevant to the functions and operations which have an effect on the quality of the products, services & processes to ensure conformance to specified requirements. We follow the guidelines as per the quality standards set up by BIS 3696 -2 and International Quality Standards.



Cast iron
Fix coupler
Swival coupler
Anchor nut
brc coupler
Put Log
Pressed swival coupler
Pressed Fix coupler
Spring clamp
Rapid clamp waller
Water stopper
Cold rod
Go Go nut
Sleeve coupler
Ladder clamp
Univarsal clamp
c clamp
splgot pin
Waller plate
Prop nut
Duty prop nut
Univarsal clamp
Cut nut

JB-14 Scaffolding - Form Work Materials – Tunnel Support System

Steel Dowel Bars
gr 60 dowel bar
gr 250 dowel bar
epoxy coated dowel bar
epoxy coated dowel bar
epoxy coated dowel bar

Forepoling Drilling System / Umbrella Pipe Roofing Systems / Rock Drilling System

Forepoling is a method of supporting a weak roof of a mine or a tunnel, used traditionally in soft, loose, or caving ground. To make use of this method, poles, timber, steel tube, or slabs are driven into the ground before or during excavation. The method has been used for centuries, both in smaller mines as well as larger tunneling operations. Along with time, forepoling has of course also developed as a method and the old wooden supports have been replaced with more sustainable and rigid supports made of metal. These newer supports are capable of supporting the tunnel roof even under broken rock conditions.

However, even broken rock is not an obstacle for tunneling when you are using JB Engineering Rock Bolts Casing System. Made for the modern iteration of forepoling, nowadays also referred to as a “tube umbrella”, the casing system offers a holistic system for the work. The drilling system consists of casing tubes, which are drilled through the overburden in the shape of an umbrella, therefore supporting both the sides and the roof of the tunnel equally. Once in place, the drill is removed, and the casings are filled with grouting to strengthen and solidify them even further. The JB Rock Bolt Casing System allows for easy driving of the casing tubes into the ground with low torque demand and is, quite naturally, fully compatible with Robit drilling bits and rods.

Steel Dowel Bars
gr 60 dowel bar
gr 250 dowel bar
epoxy coated dowel bar
epoxy coated dowel bar