Steel Dowel Bars

ASTM A615 Grade 60 Steel Dowel Bars

JB Engineering Rock Bolts is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Steel Dowel Bars that are being designed as per the national and international standard quality of raw materials. These ASTM A615 Grade 60 Steel Dowel Bars are used to carry out the transmission of load from one block to another, at the same time letting the axial thermal development alongside with the axis of dowel. These BS 4449 Epoxy Coated Dowel Bars are by and large made from plain round material, where they offer a hard-wearing and corrosion resisting elucidation to connections in tangible or other operational applications.

Steel Dowel Bar Gr 250, BS 4449 Epoxy Coated Dowel Bars, Hot Rolled Plain Steel Dowel Bars Manufacturer In India.

Steel Dowel Bars
Steel Dowel Bars
gr 60 dowel bar
Grade 60 Steel Dowel Bars
gr 250 dowel bar
Grade 250 Steel Dowel Bars
epoxy coated dowel bar
BS 4449 Epoxy Coated Bars

Dowel bars are Uses / Applications

  1. To transfer the load from one slab to its adjaacent slab such that two consecutive slabs move together and reduce impact loading developed by the slabs by their independent movement.
  2. To reduce joint faulting and corner cracking.
  3. To improve the performance of pavement joints.

Advantages Of Dowel Bars:

  1. Reduce deflection and stresses.
  2. It increases the load-carrying capacity of slabs.
  3. It increases the initial pavement life.